T-shirt mania

I need some t-shirts. I was looking at some of the ones at NTK, T-Shirt Hell, and ThinkGeek, but I’ve decided that, well, everyone’s got one of those. Besides, I’m sure I’ve got some of that magic transfer paper lying around here somewhere. So, I’m looking for t-shirt slogans. In the spirit of those sites mentioned above; you can imagine the sort of thing. Not something copied from somewhere else, though. Not the Mozilla logo, mind, given their policy on using their logo, which is a shame—I like Ade’s Mozilla t-shirt. Suggestions gratefully accepted: actual PNGs or whatever even more so, so I don’t have to go digging through my list of fonts. Prize is you get to see a picture of me wearing your suggested design, if that counts as a prize. Plus, I might not actually get around to doing it; you know how it is with me and doing projects rather than talking about them. Anyway, go for suggestions. Ideally designs should be for a white t-shirt, ‘cos I’ve got some of those. YOu can go wild with the colours, too, since I get to print it out on an inkjet; they don’t have to be monochrome (although they probably will be if it’s just a text slogan). Anyone got any idea whether you can laser print to transfer paper?

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