LugRadio Season 2 Episode 1 due out very soon

We did record the first episode of the second season of LugRadio, and it should be out at some time on Monday or within the few days afterwards (Mixer Boy Jono is busy enjoying himself rather than doing work, I am afraid to report, which might account for a slight delay; a fatal beating has already been administered on behalf of our loyal and long- (long, long) suffering fans.
Meanstwhile, if you ache for the spirit of the LR team and you’ve already listened to everything in the archives, I cannot do better than to recommend QI, a television programme I discovered last night. It, a comedy quiz, embodies the true glory of LugRadio, just on telly. Stephen Fry and four panellists ramble and tell jokes in a manner at best peripherally related to the questions at hand and one which astounded me in its likeness to our own glorious LR. I would claim that we got there first but (a) not even I think that we are as funny as professional comedians, (b) if we didn’t then I might be sued for libel, and© although it seems like a lifetime we have only been doing it for eight months and we took three of those off, a working schedule of almost Bushian laziness. Oops.

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