Another skittle falls

So, Matt’s got married. That means that all the LugRadio team but Jono are now hitched, although Jono is basically married without benefit of ring. Sorry, ladies: the world’s best-looking free software radio team are all now unavailable. I expect a rash of suicides of hot 15-year-old girls with LiveJournals, or possibly an upsurge in sales on Gary Barlow’s last album.

Am I old for even knowing who Gary Barlow is, now?
It’s weird, watching someone you know get married. There was a present and card on a table addressed to “Mr and Mrs Revell“, and it makes you think, “cor, Mr and Mrs Revell.” Matt’s got married. I mean, that’s a pretty big deal, that. It takes a while to get used to it. I’ll let you know when I finally manage it :)

Pretty good reception, too; Jono and I drank a heinous amount of wine, the disco guy had a comprehensive enough collection that he could impress both Matt (by having some Marilion) and Sam (by having Chesney bloody Hawkes). (That’s his full name, by the way. Little known fact.) Slightly odd choice on the food front: there was Chicken a la King, which is fine, but with rice and noodles and potatoes and pasta? Hope no-one there was on the Atkins diet.

Didn’t stop me eating some of each, though.

And I am still disappointed that, contrary to the foul barking dogs of rumour, the wedding photographer did not make Matt stand on a box for photos. I was planning on pimping this with Matt for the next ten years. Still, humour is provided by how Annable the Cannibal drove around Ironbridge without finding the wedding, although he cannot be blamed for this because the directions were lies. I had to stop and ask an old guy, thereby forswearing my manhood for ever. Damn you, Revell(s).
Speaking of LugRadio, which we were, tonight is the recording for LugRadio Season Two Episode One. (We’re recording in seasons in a pathetic attempt to disguise the fact that the summer break lasted a month or so longer than expected.) It should be cool: Matt will not be present since he is unaccountably on honeymoon! Can hardly blame him there; his new wife’s dress was lovely. Caught lots of confetti, too.

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