Debian module-assistant

Debian has this package called module-assistant. You should install it. You see, as Jono has complained about before, the kernel doesn’t ave a consistent ABI. This means that it’s prohibitive for Debian to supply compiled binaries for all the kernel-modules they package, because they’d need millions—one for each kernel. So, instead, they supply source. That’s a pain in the arse; you gotta download the source, unpack it, compile it…nooooo! So, instead, install module-assistant and then run it as root. It presents you with a list of kernel-modules, you pick one, and then it gets it compiles it, and installs it for you. Yay to that! Why can’t, say, lufs-binary be an empty package that just runs module-assistant with lufs-source? Then you’d never have to worry about it again…

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