Seamless auth in Firefox nightlies

Seamless authentication has progressed from the Mozilla trunk to being in nightly Firefox builds. That means it’ll be in 1.0. Yay! Fuckin’ yay-hey-hey! Firefox at work, here we come!
Incidentally, in case I haven’t been clear enough about this, Darin Fisher, who implemented this stuff, is the king of the world. All hail Darin! I offered the bloke some payment to hack on the seamless auth bug and he refused it, saying that he was already working on it and therefore didn’t need extra payment. How cool is this guy? For he’s a jolly good fella, for he’s a jolly good fella, for he’s a jolly good fella, and so say all us poor schlubs stuck with IE because we’re using NTLM auth on intranets.

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