Sharing a calendar

I want my appointments calendar to be available in lots of places. I have a desktop computer, an Ericsson T68 phone, and a Sharp Zaurus. I’d like to have my appointments calendar in a number of places: on my desktop, accessible to gdeskcal, on my Zaurus in the Zaurus calendar application, or in a different Zaurus calendar application if a different one would be easier, and also somewhere on the web so that other people can subscribe to it and see if I’m busy. The phone can synchronise with an online WAP SyncML server. The Zaurus should theoretically be able to sync with my desktop (although I can’t seem to get this to work; the usbnet module loads on hotplug but no usb0 is created). Does anyone have any suggestions? I could, for example, use gdeskcal to manage my appointments, publish them to the web, SyncML them from the web to the phone, and then from the phone to the Zaurus via Bluetooth. Alternatively, I could fix the Zaurus sync, sync the Zaurus and gdeskcal together, and then cron a job that publishes the calendar to the web. i don’t know what the best approach is, nor which tools to use. Suggestions are very welcome.

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