I can’t imagine anyone who reads adpb doesn’t know about this, but:

Browse Happy: Switch to a safer browser today

More to the point, even if you do know about it, a lot of people that you know do not. I sold my electrician on Firefox and Thunderbird this weekend; he was in my study turning off the electricity, and after noticing that I have one or two computers, asked how he could “stop getting all this junk email“. I explained that Thunderbird catches spam emails, and that it is free, and he was highly excited. When i asked if he had problems with pop-up windows and recommended Firefox because it stops that and is more secure, his eyes nearly fell out of his head. I didn’t even have to try hard. Ordinary people out there are sick and tired of Outlook and Internet Explorer making their lives a misery. Windows XP SP2 might well include a popup blocker, but most people aren’t running that: now_ is the time to get people switched, before Microsoft’s continuing realisation that they’re losing business leads them to wake up more than they already have and we lose our opportunity. Get out there and evangelise today!

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