Message IDs in Outlook

Create a new mail in Outlook. Look at its message ID. (You’ll need Outlook Redemption for this.) Then send it. Get the recipient to look at the message ID of the message they receive. (You can even send it to yourself, and check yourself.) Now, they’re the same message, yes? So they have the same message ID, yes?
Nope. They’re different.
Why? Why in Christ’s name would you do this? They’re the same bloody message! Why have they got different message IDs? For God’s sake!
I am very annoyed by this. That means that Outlook hands off the message to Exchange, with a message ID in it, and Exchange throws away that message ID and puts a different one on it. Why the hell would that ever be a good idea? Bloody hell!
One day I’m going to find the guy who wrote Outlook and I’m going to scream at him for things like this.

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