A move to Evolution

So, I thought I’d try Evolution rather than Mozilla Thunderbird to read my mail. I start it up and it doesn’t show anything but errors: fortunately, that seemed to be a Debian bug, and was easily fixed. Once I got it configured with my IMAP server and started, I discovered that the pointless “Local folders” are there and are the default. Why? I’ve told you I’ve got a fucking IMAP server! Why would I want local folders? Disable them! Or make them not be the default. I set up my filters (to filter mailing list mail into certain folders), and then thought: I shall now read my mail. First thing I found is that the keybinding for “next unread message” was the rather random [ character. Ah well, that’s OK, I suppose. But that only means “next unread message in this folder“. It would appear that you can’t jump to the next unread message anywhere. That’s really, really annoying. So, looking further on, there’s no spam filtering, which Thunderbird has (rather successfully, too). When Evo starts up, I get a pointless “summary” page, like Outlook Today. So I thought: can I disable that? Looking around in the “Settings” (which is under the “Tools” menu; why is it not “Preferences” under “Edit“, like everything else? Could it be because Outlook has “Tools | Options“, I wonder?) I discover a “default folders” thing. So, set the default folder for Mail to the Inbox on my IMAP account; maybe that’ll make it the folder that Evo shows me. BAM! Crash. So I pick “inform developers” and get the Gnome “Bug Buddy” thing, which waits a bit while it gathers debugging information and then shows me a list of products, asking me to pick the one that caused the crash. How can you not know what it is? You’ve just stack traced the fucker! Anyway, I look for Evolution in the list: it’s not there. Look through the whole list, find “Ximian Evolution“. It’s called “Evolution“. It says so in the title bar. I don’t care who made it. If you want ego feeding, go to a vanity publisher. So I pick Ximian Evolution and I get “This Application has bug information, but Bug Buddy doesn’t know about it. Please choose another application.”

So I chose Mozilla Thunderbird again.

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