Now, I’ve seen BrowserCam before, a site which will visit a URL in one of many browsers and take a screenshot for you, enabling you to see if the site works in one of those browsers that you just don’t have the chance to test. But it costs money, and I don’t like paying money because I’m cheap. Enter iCapture, which takes shots in Safari on a Mac, and its sister site ieCapture which takes shots in Firefox, Opera, and various IE versions on a PC. Fantastic resource.

I need to think about getting IE running under Wine here on my Linux box, and installing Konqueror and Opera properly. Konqueror is supposedly close enough to Safari that you can test in one and that will count for the other, although I have my doubts as to how quickly the Safari changes to KHTML are merged back into Konq and made available in Debian. If anyone’s got any further information on that I’d be very interested to hear it.

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