St Julian

Andy points me in the direction of a Guardian interview with Julian Cope, who was our muse and guide through the Men With Big Stones tour last year. (_Still_ haven’t done the field notes. I am so slack.) This year is “Men With Big Thrones”—we depart for Cornwall in the first week of August in order to discover the secrets of King Arthur, whence came Excalibur, the true location of Avalon, and whether Newquay Steam Beer tastes as good as I remember it. We have, currently, no guide, no muse, no canonical reference work from which to draw inspiration for this grand tour of Arthurian history. Any suggestions are gratefully accepted, as long as they acknowledge that Arthur was in Cornwall—recommendations for books that postulate a Camelot somewhere in the East Midlands will not be entertained. Perhaps our best course is to watch Excalibur repeatedly, although when Andy suggested that I thought he was talking about the film with the flying sword. That, of course, was Hawk the Slayer, which is nothing to do with Arthur at all.

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