Life and happiness

Mark has been assessing his life with the aid of the Clean Sweep Program. He’s retargeting his efforts to improve the things around him based on the list it gives you. He’s got a score of 77 out of 100—that means that out of the 100 targets, he’s already doing 77 of them—and the remaining 23 are “a lot to think about“. I’ve just run through the 100 points, and the thing that stands out the most is that, of the 25% of points in the “Physical Environment” section, I didn’t meet one of the criteria. Not one. While any distance from a perfect 100/100 is (according to the Clean Sweep people) a cause for concern, Mark may be doing better than he perhaps thinks. Naturally, being relatively good on this sort of scale is worthless compared to attaining a good absolute score, of course.

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