Remember when I was allergic to work? It seems it wasn’t work. A few days ago it happened again. I think it’s some kind of heat rash thing. It is most disturbing.
And then last night it happened for a third time. So I went to have a cold shower, based on my new “it’s a heat rash” theory. Didn’t seem to help. Did I mention last time that it’s the most itchy thing imaginable? Anyway, it was amazingly hot and oppressive inside the house, so I took an antihistamine and sat in the back garden. Just wearing a towel around my waist, no less; I am glad my garden has high fences. I didn’t feel any better at all; I felt really, really, really hot, and my heart was racing, and the blood was roaring in my ears. “I am not well, am I?“, I thought. So I got up and stepped back inside.
And then I collapsed.
That wasn’t a very pleasant experience.
I knew I was doing it; I felt myself fall, but from a weird third-party perspective. It didn’t occur to me to, say, stop myself in any way.
So I got up again and staggered up the stairs to Sam. I stepped into our bedroom and said, “Sam? Help.”
And then I blacked out.
Well, I assume that that’s what happened. I remember speaking those words, and then—immediately afterwards—I heard Sam say “Stuart? Stuart? Are you alright?” and she was bent over me and I was lying on the floor, on the landing at the top of the stairs.
That’s never happened to me before. Can’t say I like it much, especially as I was bloody close to having fallen down the stairs.
That might have hurt a bit.
Anyway, I gashed my elbow rather seriously—apparently it hit the corner of the archetrave on the way down, ripping the phone off its wall mounting as well—and, like, I’d blacked out. I was somewhat amazed by this.
Oddly, I felt quite a bit better afterwards.
So I lay in bed and rang the doctor. While waiting for him to get back to me, I tried sitting up and had the lovely experience of feeling dizzy and having my vision go black at the edges. That was a nice experience. So I lay back down again, secure in the knowledge that this was clearly the better part of valour.
Apparently I have a strong reaction to antihistamines, according to the doctor on the phone. I certainly was knocked for six last time, and this time was worse, so I am off to see my doctor today to say: what’s going on? Can I now not walk around my own house without fearing loss of consciousness? I have work to do!
We shall see what he says.

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