Photo management, again

I want a photo manager application for Linux, ideally in plain Gtk but for Gnome would be OK. (For KDE would even be OK if I was pushed.) It should:

  • Let me add arbitrary metadata to a photo.
  • Let me sort photos into albums either by explicit categorisation or by populating a “virtual album” with the results of a metadata query, like Evolution’s vFolders.
  • Give me one-click publish-to-a-website for the album on screen, or the photos selected (if there are any selected).
  • Start up automatically when I plug in my camera and drag all the photos off it into an album called “new photos” or something. While it’s doing this it should show a nice progress dialog, but it should not be modal; the application must still be usable while it’s adding new photos.
  • If it’s downloaded a photo once, and I’ve moved it out of the new photos album, don’t do it again. Do not work out whether you’ve downloaded a photo based on its filename; some cameras reset the filenames. Check by md5 hashing the photos in the album or something.
  • A few nice direct transforms on a photo, like rotations and red-eye reduction.
  • That’s it. Importantly, that’s all I want, I think. It needs to not do loads of other crap I don’t want that just clutters the interface.
    Does it exist?

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