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  • (20:41:15) sil@kryogenix: looking glass is wank! well, it’s pointless application-less eye-candy wank, anyway. :)
  • (20:41:38) Aquarion: It won’t be
  • (20:41:55) Aquarion: Something like Visio in proper 3D would be really cool, for example
  • (20:42:01) sil@kryogenix: if, one day, someone writes an application for it.
  • (20:42:26) sil@kryogenix: Hm. I agree. However, 3d on a 2d screen is not proper 3d. For proper 3d you need the Minority Report UI, and Looking Glass ain’t it.
  • (20:42:50) Aquarion: It provides the foundations to one day be, though
  • (20:43:06) Aquarion: Although it’ll mean that becoming a sysadmin would require six months intensive gym training
  • (20:43:40) sil@kryogenix: how? it’s not about providing a 3d environment, it’s about *faking* a 3d environment. I’m not clear that the path from LG to real 3d is any less obscure than the path from 2d to 3d.
  • (20:44:06) Aquarion:But it provides the method of thinking about UIs in 3D space
  • (20:45:25) sil@kryogenix: not about manupulating objects in 3d, though, which is to my mind the key point; it’s about some kind of movement or gesture which *represents* a 3d movement, which isn’t the same. I mean, if it were real 3d, you wouldn’t even remotely move around the world by holding down Alt and making a 2d motion.
  • (20:45:39) sil@kryogenix: That’s not like moving in 3d for normal people. That’s more like flying a helicopter.
  • (20:46:07) sil@kryogenix: Now, that *is* one method of interacting with a 3d world, the helicopter UI, but there’s a reason you have to train for years to fly helicopters and the reason is: it’s bloody hard. :)
  • (20:46:11) Aquarion:Yeah, but with a new style of interface it’ll give the inspiration for how many things would be better in though 3D
  • (20:46:24) Aquarion: true, even
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