Next generation laptop

Why can’t I buy a Canesta projection keyboard for my Zaurus? This is such cool technology, and there’s no actual on-sale product based on it!
Moreover, could you put a data projector in a laptop? That way, the “screen” would just be a white thing that folded up, rather than a solid LCD block.
I’ve got this dream of a laptop which is the size of a pack of cigarettes: you unfold a little flat white “screen” from the back of it that a data projector in the “laptop” projects your screen onto, and you project a keyboard from it onto a flat surface in front of it (or another unfoldable “screen“) using Canesta’s technology. You couldn’t put a DVD drive in it, but you could put a load of USB ports on it to plug a USB DVD drive into. And you could stick wireless networking, a network port, and Bluetooth into it. It’d be brilliant. Is it even remotely possible? Can you make data projectors that small if they don’t have to project very far? Can you project onto a screen that isn’t directly in front of you? If the projector was at the bottom of the screen, then the picture would be weirdly elongated when projected, but the video drivers could correct for that by projecteing a distorted image which looked OK on the “screen“, no? Like those adverts you get on cricket fields and Grand Prix circuits that look like they’re standing upright on the telly; if you actually see one at ground level, they’re oddly stretched and wrong. That sort of principle.
Problem is, even if this was theoretically possible, I couldn’t build it; I can hardly make a hardware platform in my study! Suppose I could set up a company to do it :-)

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