An accessible entertainment industry

Over at 0xDECAFBAD: I’d love to pay a monthly fee to have shows by Joss Whedon stream on down do my file-server with BitTorrent. I’d love to subscribe to favorite indie bands’ releases and have them show up in the music folder. I’m cheap, so I’d like the price to be low, but I’ll still pay for what I like. And I’d love to do all this, still being able to tinker, still seeing that people producing things I like get paid, without going to jail or letting them empty my wallet with a wet/dry vac.

I mean, we already know this. This is all preaching to the converted for most of the readers of this weblog. But every now and again someone describes all this stuff—download-on-demand, TiVo-like functions—in such a way that I’m forcefully reminded, again, why it is that I want the world to be like that, over the howling protests of corporate lawyers looking to keep us away from what we’ve bought and paid for.

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