Gnomemeeting and Smoothwall

I’ve been using Gnomemeeting to talk to Jono, and it rocks a bollock. Took a little while to set up, though. Things you should check:

  • Does your sound work? I’m using kernel 2.6, so it had ALSA in it and the mic worked fine without me having to do any work.
  • Have you got the mic volume turned up? Use alsamixer to check.
  • Port forward all the ports mentioned in the Gnomemeeting FAQ to your machine (you have to do them all individually; SW1.0 doesn’t support port ranges).
  • Make sure those ports are also available in the “services/external service access” section in your smoothwall configuration.
  • Turn on “Enable IP translation” in the H.323 advanced section of the Gnomemeeting preferences.

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