Linux advocacy and Socratic dialogue

Matt outlines some thoughts on the poor state of Linux advocacy documentation, including why it shouldn’t be called “advocacy” :

Tapping “Linux advocacy” into Google produces very little that isn’t outdated or irrelevant. This is both slightly depressing and yet confirms that we’re doing the right thing.

I look forward to seeing the fruits of the research: some pointers on the best way to leave people keen on the idea of moving to Linux would be invaluable.

He also notes my tendency to act as “Socratic investigator“, which is, um, true enough I suppose. I did, and still do, have some reservations about their approach to the (brilliant, nonetheless) Infopoint Linux “advocacy” stands at computer fairs, and it was those reservations I was outlining. I will be the first in line applauding when they succeed, and they did lay most of my reservations to rest during the discussion (which got quite heated at times!).

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