Bootable CDs that don’t work on your laptop

My laptop is an ancient Toshiba Tecra 520 CDT. I’m trying to get a decent Linux installation on it. Now, I’ve tried Damn Small Linux and Feather Linux, but, unfortunately, I want (eventually) to be running a 2.6 kernel and be using Debian, so that I can use my wireless card. Both DSL and Feather are mostly Debian, but are not in certain critical ways (to keep them small, mainly). So they boot and install fine, but upgrading the kernel makes them fail to boot at all. Big no-no. I’ve downloaded about five other Knoppix-based distributions, but my laptop just ignored the CDs; wouldn’t boot from them. This is clearly very annoying. So, after agonising over this for some time, I discovered Smart Boot Manager—just download it, and it writes a bootable floppy image to a floppy. You then boot from that floppy, and tell it to boot the CDROM, and, pow, everything boots fine. Yay!

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