Knoppix-based updates

Now, Knoppix and derivatives (Morphix, etc, etc) are really good. They diagnose nearly all your hardware. But, say that Knoppix version x.y diagnosed 90% of your hardware. You boot from it, and do a hard-disc install. Then, a month or so later, Knoppix x.y+1 comes out, and it supports your woreless card (where x.y didn’t). What do you do then? You don’t want to blow away your existing system containing a month’s work and tweaks and just reinstall with x.y+1. There’s no way of saying “detect all your stuff, and then update my existing HD install with the new data“, is there? How difficult would it be to write this? Would it be possible to just download the new detection routines from x.y+1 and run them on a x.y HD installation to update your config files to handle the new hardware?

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