Brain dump of stuff to do

In addition to my current big secret project, I want to rebuild my working system. I’ve thought before about my mail setup and whatnot, but I’ve got a few other ideas:
It’ll be Debian, with the ROX Filer as the file manager.
I’ll use /usr/apps/Debian extensively, because it’s autopopulated with AppDir wrappers for installed Debian applications (those that try to put themselves on a WM menu, anyway)
I want the Filer patched to handle Mozilla drag-and-drop
I want a Trashcan which does apt-get uninstall when I drag an AppDir from /usr/apps/Debian to the trash
Window manager: probably metacity
I want to investigate gDesklets as a means of writing little apps that do stuff for me
I don’t know how to best integrate “AppDirs” that are wrappers for Debian packages with real AppDirs made by me for applications that aren’t in Debian
I want Project Utopia, mostly—specifically, I want udev (in Debian), hal (in Debian), and rox-volume-manager, a non-existent thing for the ROX Desktop that does what gnome-volume-manager does for Gnome. This involves understanding exactly what gnome-volume-manager does do
Still need to work out exactly how to handle mail, mailing lists, and newsgroups
Hopefully Firefox will run without crashing on a newly built and installed system that doesn’t contain four years worth of crud and bad configuration decisions on my part
I want the Python bindings for FTE, but I can’t get them to compile
I want FTE’s “copy a line” bug fixed (must mail fte-devel about that)
I need to know how best to do the installation. Since I want stock Debian when I’m finished, but I don’t want to go through the Debian installer, I’d like to use a Knoppix derivative. Morphix LightGUI? DSL and Feather Linux are neat, but contain some non-Debian stuff (including the X server, eek) which isn’t good. Is there a lightweight Knoppix derivative which only uses real Debian? Is this what Bonzai is? It’s light on docs (as in, there are none afaict).

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