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I read mail, I read mailing lists, and I read Usenet newsgroups. I’m trying to decide on the best way to handle these three disparate entities. I’d like to use GUI clients to do these things while I’m sitting at my machine, but I need them to be accessible through text-mode clients as well, because I spend a lot of time sshed in.
Currently, I do the following:

  • Read mail in mutt. My inbox is the default @/var/mail/[email protected], which is a Unix mailbox. My saved mail is stored in Unix mailboxes in \~/Mail.
  • Run inn as a news server, with suck to fetch new news to it from my ISP’s news server, and tin to read that news from localhost.
  • Subscribe a different address to mailing lists, and use groupie, an unreleased newstomail gateway, to turn those mailing lists into local inn-based newsgroups. I then tell tin that these local groups are mailing lists, and what the mailing address of each “newsgroup” is, and tin handles sending my responses to the list when I follow up a post in the “newsgroups“.
    The big problem here is that I don’t understand inn. So it breaks. All the time. I haven’t actually been reading any newsgroups for about four months because inn broke and I don’t know how to fix it. So, I want to overhaul all this, and I’m looking for suggestions. I need to move away from inn, and I’d like to move away from groupie as well (since it’s not getting any maintenance, although it’s done fine for the last couple of years (nice one Kam!)).
    Things I could do to solve all this (which are not necessarily mutually exclusive):
    1. Move my mail storage to Maildir, and use a GUI client and mutt to read mail. Poke my local exim installation to deliver into Maildirs rather than mboxes (should be doable with a forward file).
    2. Install leafnode and fetch as a news server. Grab news from my ISP with fetch and feed it to leafnode. Use any GUI news client and tin to read news.
    3. Move my mail to IMAP. Use any GUI mail client that understands IMAP and mutt to read my mail.
    4. Move my mail to Cyrus IMAP, and feed news into it using its news features. Send mailing lists to Cyrus too. This, however, requires an inn installation, so I don’t really want to do it.
    5. Move mailing lists to IMAP (if mail is IMAP). Either implement rules in Exim to deliver mailing lists to different IMAP mailboxes, or rules on the IMAP server to deliver mailing lists to different IMAP mailboxes, or rules in each mail client (both GUI and mutt) to filter mailing lists into different IMAP boxes.
    6. Move mailing lists to leafnode (if using leafnode) using MLGroups.
    7. Use a news2mail service to get all my news as mail. Problem: posting is awkward.
      Essentially, I have two clients (mail and news clients) and three things (newsgroups, mailing lists, mail), and I need to know where to read each. It’s pretty much possible to read them in any combination across the clients (I don’t want to read non-mailing-list mail in a newsreader), but I don’t know how best to do it. It might be nice to use just one client to read both mail and news, but there has to be two: a GUI one and a commandline one.
      I’m open to suggestions on all this stuff. How do you handle this problem? I suspect a lot of people don’t have the GUI/commandline requirement, which makes it a lot easier; you just say “I’ll read it all in Thunderbird“, or something similar.
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