I used to get emailed whenever someone posted a comment on my site. But that annoyed the hell out of me, and (a possibly more apposite reason) didn’t work all the time, for reasons I never really understood. But, I like to know when someone has posted a comment, so I can go and look. Now, I do have the list of recent comments at the top of the front page (I can get away with this because I’m not Jason Kottke or Wil Wheaton; I don’t get that many comments), but I don’t actually look at my own site that much. So, what I did was set up an RSS feed of my comments, and then subscribe to it in my aggregator. Now, when someone posts a comment, I get informed! And I don’t have to worry about emails, or configuring my SMTP server right.
Oh, and the recent comments list on the front page? That’s built by a script which parses the recent comments feed. Everything goes around and comes around.

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