Aquarion invites us to proffer some recommendations and disrecommendations, so:
A movie
Nothing immediate here. I haven’t seen many films lately.
A book
Recommendation: Anything by Colin Dexter; I’m currently revisiting all my Morse books, and I’d forgotten how good they are.
Disrecommendation: The Little Friend, by Donna Tartt. While nothing was going to live up to The Secret History, TLF is incomprehensible pants with which I found it impossible to empathise. A big disappointment.
A musical artist, song, or album
I have also rediscovered the excellence of the first Rage Against The Machine album. Just listening to it brings back all that white-hot rage that I used to feel, and still do feel sometimes, when I think about Big Corporate taking over the world or the government screwing the citizenry. Superb stuff.
No disrecommendations: name your own least favourite music.
A weblogger not on my blogroll
Recommendations: Daniel Davies, over at Crooked Timber. The reason he’s not on my blogroll (well, in my RSS aggregator) is that his weblog is pretty much discontinued and his Crooked Timber posts don’t have a separate RSS feed.
Disrecommendations: there are an awful lot of really popular webloggers that I don’t like at all, but I don’t want to name names; it would just be meaningless abuse on my part.
What I should have for dinner
Spaghetti bolognaise. S‘what I’m having; I’m cooking it now. It’s lovely; my mam’s recipe.
A website
I don’t really read any websites other than weblogs, these days. Things like Debian Weekly News are essentially a weblog.

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