Computer pain

Have I mentioned before that I hate computers? Oh, I have. Actually, I have more than once. And the pain just keeps on coming. I got a neat little thing for Christmas; an Adaptec VideOh! CD, which is a neat thing that plugs into your USB port. You plug a video recorder into it, and then you can record the video onto VCD. My intention is to do this with the huge bookshelf of videos recorded off the telly, so I can get some bookshelf room back. And for the hack value of having VCDs, too, obviously.
So, first problem: you have to use the Magic Adaptec Software, and it’s Windows only. So, after some fiddling with Wine, I caved in and decided I’d use a Windows box. However, I only have two machines with USB: this one, which is a Linux box, and spike, Sam’s machine, which I don’t want to steal for video-making. I do have other machines, though, so I went and bought a PCI card that gives me USB slots so I could use it in one of the older machines. Good idea, huh? No dice. With the card plugged in, the video card doesn’t work. I’ve tried with two different video cards, one PCI and one AGP, and it doesn’t help. I’ve frigged about with all the meaningless shit in the BIOS about PCI, and that hasn’t helped either. I hate computers. Why doesn’t it work? Damned thing. So, now, I don’t know what to do. All I want is USB slots on a machine that doesn’t otherwise have them. That’s all. I wouldn’t have thought that that was too much to ask! I hate computers.

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