What time is it?

Paul Hammond is having problems with time. In particular, he’s away from his normal place, and so his weblog and he don’t agree on what time it is. He’s thinking about having per-entry timezone options in Moveable Type, that sort of thing.
Me, it never bothers me, that. And here is why: there is only one time. Greenwich Mean Time. Not bleedin’ “UTC” either, which we were forced to rename to because no-one could stand the reminder that England set the standards for this sort of thing. In particular, if I’m abroad and it’s, say, 9.30pm local time but 2.30pm GMT, then my weblog says “2.30pm“. And it’s right, too. Local time is merely an optimisation so that midnight actually happens in the night rather than, say, mid-afternoon.
Of course, I can feel this blase and jingoistic about it because:

  • I live in the GMT timezone!
  • I don’t go abroad all that much
    …but that obviously has nothing to do with it.
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