Let it snow

Lots of snow here. Driving this morning was fun, in that very special sense of fun that means “right on the edge of a hideous metal-ripping accident all the time you’re driving“. Until I got onto the main road, anyway, which is reassuring. I also discovered a new thing about my car’s bonnet design; when there’s snow on it, because of the aerodynamics of the car, the snow gets blown up into the windscreen. So it’s like driving through a blizzard, even when it’s not actually snowing. Marvellous.
This situation was improved by having the car heater on so hot that the snow was steaming off the windows in great plumes. The weather cannot harm me! My Coupe is like a shield of steel!
Actually, it is a shield of steel, thinking about it.
The snow’s very pretty, I have to admit. It does make walking nearly as treacherous as driving, since my work shoes have smooth leather soles. My morning perambulation from the car park to work was like trotting across an ice rink. All this aside, though, the look of the world when it’s just been snowing is like bottled nostalgia—it brings in warm and lovely memories of happy childhood days and that sort of thing. I’m unclear why this is; it snowed enough to be worth talking about twice when I was a kid, I think. Perhaps it’s race memory from the days when humanity lived in Siberia. Or from the space aliens who came from the ice planet to populate the earth, or something.
I think I shall just enjoy the look while I can, before all the snow gets turned into brown mush and the world looks like it’s had a cappuccino bath. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

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