Call centre unfairness

This should really be a proper rant but I haven’t got time.
Call centres are really unfair. Now, everyone has lots of reasons why they don’t like call centres: the staff are incompetent, you have to wait on hold for hours and hours, they don’t have the information you need, calling twice gives you two different answers—fill in your own reasons. The reason I hate them, however, is that it insulates the company from criticism. You see, the people working in the call centres are just ordinary Joes like you and me. (Well, like me. You may not be ordinary.) They’re doing a pretty thankless job for pitifully low wages and with (as I understand it) appalling working conditions. So, when the company you’ve rung decides to implement some kind of evil corporate death-to-our-customers policy, the call centre people get to be the ones to tell the callers, like me. But it’s just not fair to get really angry with these call centre people—it’s not their fault, there’s nothing they can do to fix it, and their job is hard enough without me getting irate on the phone. So the company can do what they want and I can’t even shout at them. I can ask to speak to a supervisor, but I always worry that that supervisor will then mark down the person I’m talking to as someone who can’t handle customers and probably have them flogged or something. So I just fume until I start bleeding out of my ears but don’t complain to the company about it. And that’s probably just the way they like it. There’s none so blind as them as won’t listen, as Del Boy once said.

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