So, I want to build RoxOS. But yesterday I used a recent Gnome and it seemed pretty nice. The impression I have is that the Gnome people really have their heads screwed on and have the same goals for an OS that I do—they’ve got some keen hackers and a real focus on usability, what with people like Havoc Pennington and Seth Nickell on board. The Storage work and Project Utopia are just where I want my OS to be going. However, I don’t really want to buy into the whole Gnome deal; Nautilus seems unpleasantly bloated to me. Anyone got any thoughts? I moved away from KDE to ROX and a minimal window manager because I wanted a less heavy environment; I’d be getting all that back again with Gnome. Plus, I really like the way ROX works, it’s just that the rest of the desktop doesn’t work like it. Don’t know what to do…

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