Referrers being missed

I have a handy little bookmarklet that posts to the short‘n‘curlies linklog at the top of the front page. It grabs information about the page title, referrer title, and referrer url, and just lets me type in a supposedly funny (or pithy and useful) summary comment before posting. Very handy. However, I’m finding it less and less useful because of one specific problem; the referrer information it picks up is quite often pointing at Bloglines, my RSS aggregator. I don’t read people’s websites any more, especially if they provide full post content in their syndication feeds; I read the posts in Bloglines and follow the links from there directly. So, if I want to make a note of those posts, I have to go and open Bloglines again, select that feed, choose the “show old posts I’ve read” bit to on, follow the permalink to their website, follow the link again to the destination, and then click my bookmarklet again so I can get the right referrer data.
Now, this is hardly a major problem. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to do this, and so I just don’t provide any information about where I got that link from. But Ned (very politely) pulled me up on that once (and rightly so) so I don’t like doing it. (Getting credit for being the person before me to copy the link of someone else (arf, arf) is hardly a major thing, but it’s a reasonable thing to do nonetheless).
So, how can I solve that?

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