A Firebird idea

Just one quick idea: the “remember this password” dialog should not come up when you click submit on a form. Instead, it should come up on the next page, and say “remember the password you used to get here?” or something similar. Half my problem with logging into websites is that I can’t remember whether the password I’m putting in is right or not (if I haven’t been there in a while, and don’t have a password saved), so I always tell it not to remember (because having it remember a wrong password is crap). So, if I did remember it right, I then log out of that website, then log in again and this time tell it to remember. If it asked on the next page, once the form had been submitted, it’d be perfect.
This should probably be a wishlist bug in Bugzilla, not a post here.
Update: and now it is a bug in Bugzilla

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