I finish work tomorrow lunchtime, and that’s me done until 2004. Aren’t holidays great? Hopefully I will get time to look at some of the outstanding stuff on my list, like:

  • Play with Blender and its Python scripting, in pursuit of the Bloke-vs-Bloke project
  • Fix comments here, ahaha
  • Build a bootable small filesystem using minit and run under user mode linux in pursuit of the RoxOS project
  • Think more about Mark Paschal’s ideas about comment spam

I wonder if I need a “projects to think about” mini-weblog to go along with the short ‘n’ curlies? I do think of a lot of little ideas where I think “if I had time I might do something with this“, and then I forget the ideas and when I get a little bit of time I, er, spend it reading the Register. :-)

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