Design, design, design, la la la

So, a new design. This is actually the first one I’ve done in ages that I’m pretty happy with. I’m particularly pleased with the icons down the left and their hover thing, although I am a little worried that they’re Mystery Meat Navigation, but I like ‘em regardless.
The icons do jump a little when you first mouseover them in Firebird. Anyone who wants to give me a clue why this is will be lauded mightily.
I’ve also brought the browser experiments under the new design, rather than them being just plain pages.
I still need to do a writeup on how I got all this to work in PyBlosxom, but the sheer mass of all the complexity that keeps this website running is starting to take its toll, so I’m avoiding it. I was supposed to be doing it yesterday, but I was so damned sick of the damned damned Ice design that I had to do something else. This impulse has impelled me numerous times over the last couple of months, so there are a load of half-finished rubbish-looking designs around in my designs folder. This one I like, though. You might be stuck with this for a bit.
Didn’t have to change any HTML, either. Well, a couple of tiny, tiny bits, but they’re bits that were broken anyway, I think.

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