Got me a Coupe

I now have my Fiat Coupe and it’s bleedin’ fabulous. There should be a picture forthcoming (got my dad to take one of me in it :)) but until then you’ll just have to believe me on how cool it looks. And it’s, um, shall we say rather good in terms of acceleration, too. Blimey. I love the bit when the turbo kicks in. Yum.
The seat-belt-not-on warning light is a bit iffy, in that sometimes it lies and says I’ve got it on when I haven’t. Jon at work suggested I should take the battery out!
Oh, and CD players in cars are rubbish compared to my MP3 player, which I have not yet been able to transfer. They don’t tell you what’s playing, and they take ages to switch between CDs. Despite my MP3 player being a pain in the arse in myriad ways all by itself, I didn’t realise how attached I’d got to the damned thing until it was (temporarily) gone.
Being able to out-accelerate pretty much anything on the road is going a long way toward making up for it, though!

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