Lots of little things

  • Pixy’s online CSS editor is rather nice in concept.
  • dsofile.dll seems to be an MS DLL that lets you interrogate MS Office documents for properties such as “title”. Very nice. It’s instaled on my work laptop but not on the servers, so I’m wondering what installs it? The laptop is Win2K+Office XP, the server is NT4. Anyone got any ideas?
  • Eric Lippert on thin clients and using browser interfaces to mimic client-side programs. He states it’s not a good idea, because JavaScript and similar aren’t designed with the robustness you need for a proper application development tool. While this sounds a little like a shill for using the all new .NET marvellousness stuff, he has got a point. This deserves some real thought and posting on my part, rather than just a link, but I’m too busy.
  • Storing Hierarchical Data In A Database (via Ned) is a really neat technique that I saw a while back (forgotten where) and then forgot about. I need to use this.
  • Simon talks about CSS’s nature and how it may not be ready for new people just yet. “At any rate, it’s obvious that we as a community still have a long way to go in creating useful resources for people who want to make the switch to CSS.” Yes. Are we making progress along that line? I sometimes forget that there are people who aren’t web hackers…
  • Invisiblog (via the Daily Python-URL), a weblogging host that is set up for completely anonymous posting using GPG and Mixmaster. Neat.

Have seen so much stuff over the last few weeks and I haven’t had time to post about /any/ of it…and there’s a little story thing in my head about the people I see on the way to work that I haven’t got time to do either, and I haven’t done any creative writing in ages. Ah well.

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