Interesting weblog: ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΕΑΥΤΟΝ. About language and words. And a really big Caterpillar truck at the moment, too, but I assume that that’s just a vagary. Question: should I have written the weblog title in real Unicode UTF-8 encoded Greek, or just used the HTML entities like I did? It means “Know Thyself”, in case you (or Neo) were wondering. Useful little phrase, that; as Michael himself says, “Some things never fall out of fashion!”

Put @reboot in your crontab (via paranoidfish) — a crontab entry that runs whenever the system reboots. Like a user-specific /etc/init.d script. That’s dead cool, and I didn’t have a clue it existed. There’s also @daily, @hourly, and so on. Apparently this is in Vixie cron, and I don’t know if that’s what everyone’s using, though…

Dsquared is starting a new little series on the economics of the music industry with Micropayments, microprobability, an explanation of why micropayments won’t come any time soon (short version: there’s too much overhead on any individual payment to make it worthwhile). Further articles may well be good; his stuff is always excellent, although occasionally a little incomprehensible if you haven’t got the first damned clue about economics like I haven’t.

Verisign. Jesus wept. Privatising the DNS was such a good idea. Such a good idea. BIND is hacking around it, though, which should help; loads of DNS servers run BIND.

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