Let his spirit be unchained

On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 12:29:45PM +0100, Andrew Spencer wrote:
Darken the sky, for the king is dead. The great Johnny Cash died today in hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.
A sad day, but what a life to have lived.

Yeah, I know. The passing of a true icon.

In his autobiography, he told of how, in 1967, with “nothing in his blood but amphetamines”, he crawled into a cave to die.” Somewhere in the middle of a six decade career. Not many people can say that. (In fact, can any people say that? Elvis is dead, Cliff hasn’t had any hits recently…)

Not sure what to say. He was old, but he’s looked old since about 1985, fergawdsake. And his wife was dead, and he had got famous again, so I don’t think he died in misery and penury or anything. He did die in Nashville, though, which has a certain ring of goodness about it.

Cash est mort. Vive le Cash.

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