Film premieres online

This is not a love song (requires Flash), the new film from the director of The Full Monty, has premiered online; you can go to the website and download it after a small payment. Ooh, I thought, that’s a good idea, I like the sound of that.So off I toddle, ready to pay a couple of quid; even if I didn’t like the film, I would like the concept to be a success — this is what I’ve been talking about for years, the power of the net to cut out the middle man — but, nope, it’s only watchable with Windows Media Player on Windows. There goes that idea, then. They seem to have set it up so that the film’s only watchable on the machine you download it on, and that sort of control isn’t available if you just offer an AVI for download, I suppose…so I won’t be contributing, because I don’t have Windows Media Player and will continue to not have it. They’re conceptually doing the right thing here, just they’ve got in the way of it by wrapping it up in DRM things. A shame.

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