Discovering new people

Trendy Furrow is a dead good weblog. Sean is a VBScript/ASP guy, which will get him nothing but brickbats rather than bouquets from a pretty reasonable proportion of the tech weblogger community (and me on bad or hypocritical days), but I do ASP stuff all day (Python stuff all night). Not only can I sympathise with his struggles with MSXML and the like, he certainly has the hacker nature (he’s ported Textile to VBScript, which I was just abot to do myself for a project here at work, for a start: this is not the act of some MS-obsessed droid), his writing creases me up in places (“I fucking hate XML schemas. That was a waste of a few hours I could have spent punching myself in the face”), he’s Irish, and I think he lives pretty close to me (I’m really close to the border with Warwickshire). Added to blogroll and RSS subscriptions. It’s always nice to discover new people.

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