Hacks to comments

Hacked Vellum a bit to be a bit faster, not that anyone will notice. Whole thing needs a boot in the arse to shape up, but it might stop the problem with pages timing out when people submit comments.

I’ve also changed the comments plugin so that it parses people’s comments with Mark’s PyTextile, which should suppress the problems with comments not having any formatting or carriage returns. Oh, and we then strip all tags except A, STRONG, EM, CODE, and PRE from comments, and only allow HREF attributes, using Itamar Shtull-Trauring’s StrippingParser.

And just for the hell of it, since I had a JavaScript implementation of Textile lying around anyway for something else that I wrote, I threw in a “Preview” button for comments that doesn’t submit back to the server but does do the Textile parsing. Minor hacks all round.

Next, I need to boot Vellum’s DB up the arse, and stop it being a DB at all. (My idea is: a blogging system relies on a big DB listing all the entries, and that’s what an RSS feed is, so why not just have all your entries stored in one big RSS file? XML parsers are fast, you can pick out one entry easily, you can store all the stuff that your blogging system cares about specially by inventing your own elements in the RSS with a specific Vellum (or whatever) namespace. In the dim future you should also be able to XSLT the database file directly into output with no code processing on the way, which would be Damned Cool.)

I also ned to redesign this place again, although that might just be Zen Garden envy…

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