They thought he was a goner

Back from my holiday, which was absolutely bloody excellent. Expect field notes on the 2003 tour of the “Men With Big Stones” (I wanted so, so much to get a T-shirt with that on) at some point when I transfer them from my Zaurus and then finish them off.

Every Opera user in the world mailed me to say that I’d missed a comment closing tag in my image replacement article, so that’s now fixed, and thanks all. Seems to have got a certain amount of attention while I was away, even if I was clearly unwittingly picking up Seamus Leahy’s brainwave out of the ether.

Of course, kryogenix decided to go tits up repeatedly while I was away, and fixing it from inside a crop circle isn’t all that trivial. Should be OK now, although it wouldn’t have happened had I worked out how to fix damned Vellum so that it worked properly. Sigh. More work to do.

It is way, way too hot. People not from England probably think that we’re all pathetic for not coping with 36C temperatures, but it’s still too damned hot. If I wanted to live on the sun then I’d move.

Anyway, I’m back. Time to go get another drink and avoid writing code…

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