Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

I went to see the new Charlie’s Angels film, and then talked about it a little with my best friend (who has just got a new job, woo!). In there I outlined a few thoughts, so I’ll repost them here:

CA2 was, um, interesting. It’s either an excellently plotted half-hour film which they threw an hour of randomness into to pad it out, or it’s an excellently plotted four hour film which they then cut two random hours out of :) I mean, what was the whole subplot about the Creepy Thin Man being a good guy, huh? And just as it became relevant he got stabbed! And what was the point in the school reunion scene? And just how lame is Demi Moore these days? And why was Bruce Willis in it for, like, two minutes without saying anything? It was still pretty cool, though. :)

She points out that the reunion was just for the Rydell High joke, which I got :) But the whole thing was deeply random in places. Entertaining randomness, certainly, but not as good as the first one. And not only because the first one had Drew Barrymore naked.


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