Well, I finally got tired of my quick hack RSS aggregator, Contrary, and decided to shift to something else. Since I need it to be a web application (so I can read from work and home), the obvious choice seemed to be AmphetaDesk, and so it was. The default skin is chronic, however, so I went hunting, and came up with two lauded replacements: lmo’s AmphetaOutlines and Martin’s AmphetaFrames. Contrary is a 3-pane aggregator, so AmphetaFrames is more to my liking. However, Contrary does a couple of nice things like emboldening the names of feeds with unread articles, so I shall have to get hacking on my own AmphetaDesk skin. I hate Perl.

I like the ideas that lmo has for Outlines; spcifically, integrating a Bayesian sort of thing. The issue I have, though, is that what I’d like to do is Don Park’s newspaper UI idea, but with that you don’t know whether an article has been read or not (because articles just appear on a page; you don’t have to do anything to read one, like click an outliner triangle). More thought required. I need to get back into hacking; I haven’t written any decent releaseable code for a while, and I miss it.

Update: I lied; Outlines is actually pretty good, as long as you follow the instructions and create the channels_meta directory like it says. Hmph. What I want to know is whether the magic stick that makes stuff I like bubble to the top actually works, but I won’t know that until I’ve been using it for a bit.

Actually, what I want is to be able to write templates in Python. Didn’t I see a thing that let Perl stuff run Python code? Must go looking for it.

Update, again: Inline::Python. Will I get shot for using it, I wonder? :)

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