Gone for a week

Just another one of those “I’m out of here, see you in a week” posts that are popping up all over the net at the moment. However, the place I’m going apparently has an internet cafe, so it’s likely that I won’t be entirely gone.

And I’ve got Apache on my Zaurus and the code for ParaVellum, so I can work on that; it’s highly handy having a powerful computer in your pocket. I did actually plan to take my laptop, but firstly the hard drive appears to have crapped out (anyone got one for a Tosh Tecra 520CDT?), and secondly the Z is actually probably a more powerful machine. Irony. Just wish I could afford an external keyboard for it…although that one’s ugly anyway. Canesta’s projection keyboard is much cooler, although also much more scarily sci-fi, and still mainly vaporous as far as I can tell.

Anyway, so, I’m off to Devon. Oh, and, remember the diet? It’s going well. But it’s not happening this week. :)

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