Put a bullet in the editor, here comes the predator

I need a new editor. I want something that has all the following characteristics:

  • Runs on Linux
  • Runs in a console/xterm
  • Has an X version (although I can live with ‘xterm -e fooedit \$FILENAME’ if I must)
  • Syntax highlighting (including Python, HTML, and email, and ideally easily configurable)
  • Allows rebinding of keys easily (i.e., I should be able to map \^Q to quit by putting “\^” followed by “Q” into my config file, not by having to work out which combination of weird octal keycodes my terminal sends when I hit \^Q)
  • Is not modeful (vim in insertmode does not qualify)
  • Is completely scriptable in Python, or, failing that:
  • Allows me to pass either the whole file or a highlighted area through an external command, and allows me to bind a key to do this with named commands directly (so I can hit one bound key and have the whole file passed to an external command I specifed in my config file, not have to enter the command every time)
  • Comes with a sane set of default keybindings (including highlighting text with shift-arrows) so I don’t have to rebind the world
  • Is not Emacs

I am open to suggestions for anything that meets these criteria. I’ve been looking for the perfect editor for, ooh, two years or so. One day I’ll find it…

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