Organising your news reading

Promotion and Relegation (in RSS) describes how Sarabian divides up the newsfeeds he reads into categories of interest — those at the top get religiously read, those at the bottom get scanned quickly. Apart from inviting the “which division am I in?” question from half the people on his list (don’t tell me, I don’t want to know), this sort of organisation fills me with envy. I wish I could do something like this; very neat. Presumably this is made available through SharpReader, which is his aggregator of choice (iirc). I don’t like desktop applications for reading because I can’t share their data files between work and home, meaning that I read stuff twice. Web-based aggregators: there don’t seem to be many, or many good ones at all (correct me if I’m wrong here, please), so I wrote my own. However, this is a really boring project, so I haven’t got the inclination to hack newsfeed categorisation into it. I am still thinking about a newspaper-style UI for RSS reading, and I’ve got a couple of ideas, but it’s a big project and every time I think about it I feel guilty about all the other big projects I haven’t done yet.

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