Sarabian gets asked questions and Aquarion answers them. I have no intention whatsoever of answering randomly chosen questions, in case people ask hard ones. :)

Sarabian is also going to be supporting Reading next year:

In two years time Beckham could go for nothing, and United could spend any more money on other players. But that leaves a bad taste in my month, because it is all about money.

Can I suggest curling? Or Extreme Ironing? Or women’s football? If “it’s all about money” is any kind of negative motivator, football is not the game for you. In an age when footballers behave like rock stars (and rock stars don’t — when did someone last smash up a hotel?) and clubs float on the stock exchange, the stakeholders are driving the business and the fans lost the war, Premiership football is not the game if you don’t like money. Although I can see supporting your local club.

Tim Bray starts a new series of articles On Search, discussing full-text searching. I shall be very interested in this.

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