Catching up again

Been too busy to read much stuff recently, but these all caught a brief eye:

  • Under the Iron: interviews with luminaries like Jeremy “antipixel” Hedley, Daniel “waferbaby” Bogan, Mark “diveinto” Pilgrim, and others (you know the names) (via every damn person on the web).
  • Phil Ringnalda: “I want everyone to have an equal experience, sure, but I want it to be everyone having my experience, not me going to back to having everyone else’s experience.”
  • Aquarion explains how writing and a net connection don’t mix
  • Sam Ruby boobytraps a thief
  • I showed the CSS Zen Garden to the new guy at work, who said “wow, shit, that’s really cool”. I wish I had some design skills, but, like Mark Pilgrim, “I’m a technical designer - I understand the specs and the implementations, but I can’t create beauty - except occasionally, by accident.”
  • I had this idea that your weblog should suggest categories for you to put a new post in using a classifier like the Python one.
  • And finally: writing a weblogging system (sigh). Don’t ask.

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