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Matrix XP: a trailer for a film that doesn’t exist. A Matrix spoof, in fact, with a pretty amusing jab at Windows XP in there. However, the important thing about this is that it actually looks pretty real. I’ve thought in the past that making movies was OK on a non-professional basis if you were doing thoughtful, character interaction sorts of things, but something CGI-driven like this was only available to “real” directors, with multi-million budgets. But not so. While the quality of the effects is hardly up to The Matrix itself, it’s something that I wouldn’t feel incredibly aggrieved by if I’d seen it in a “real” film. Obviously, you have the same problems with film as you do with music — how much of whether a film is “good” relies on its marketing budget? It doesn’t say how long it took them to create the trailer, but more than one thing is referred to as taking “months” to do, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it were over a year. Nevertheless, I can imagine a film make by the Ricke Brothers and starring some reasonable actors being eminently watchable; I’m not talking about Jack Nicholson here, either, more the cream of the crop from your local drama groups. I wonder what their budget was for this? It’s a really nice job they’ve done to produce this; where can I get more of this sort of thing?

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